Frequently Asked Questions About Our Manlius, NY Orthodontist

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions patients have about orthodontic treatment.  If you have any other questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, we would love to hear from you.

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The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a child have their initial evaluation by 7 years of age.  The majority of children will not require any immediate treatment; however, this is a good age to check for and observe any skeletal discrepancies that might be developing.  In most instances, your child will simply be placed on a yearly observation schedule so that their growth and development can be monitored.

Not necessarily!  In order to determine the plan that will yield the most efficient treatment time for a young child, it is often beneficial to check the bite while there are still some baby teeth present.  Why?:

- Dental alignment tends to worsen with age, make treatment more complex.

- By the time all teeth have erupted a person's growth is almost complete, making skeletal discrepancies more difficult to address.

- Children tend to tolerate braces better during junior high school rather than high school.

- It may be possible to limit or avoid treatment altogether if problems can be resolved during development.

- Some skeletal discrepancies require surgical intervention after growth is completed.

Most certainly! Adults benefit from orthodontic treatment just as children by improving their oral health and improving their smile.  Our adult patients truely appreciate their new smiles since they have waited their entire lives to adress their concerns.

Clear aligner treatment is an exciting, unobtrusive method to align teeth; however, aligner treatment is not always the recommended treatment modality.  Orthodontic treatment is more than just aligning the teeth.  Long term stability and skeletal-dental relationships are an important component of orthodontic treatment. 

Some patients are perfect candidates for clear aligner treatment, while others would receive greater and more efficient benefits from traditional (i.e. "fixed, non-removeable") orthodontic treatment.  For patients where aligners are not the best treatment option, a "hybrid" braces/aligner may be possible in many situations. 

Dr. Dragon will thoroughly explain all of the options that would best address your individual issues at your initial evaluation!

-Dr. Dragon runs a small and very personalized office in order to maximize the amount of time spent with her patients. 

-Since she values your time, her practice schedules appointments so that you will not wait at your regular visits.  Her no wait policy ensures your busy day will not be interrupted.

-Seeing Dr. Dragon at every visit ensures that your treatment is kept on schedule.

-Dr. Dragon is always available should you desire extra explanation of any aspect of your treatment experience.

First of all,  every patient's initial evaluation in our office is complimentary!  Dr. Dragon simply takes a look and lets you know the following:

- Would orthodontic treatment be beneficial.

- How long will the treatment last.

- What would the treatment involve.

- An estimate of the cost.

- Any other questions you might have regarding orthodontic treatment.

An orthodontist is a dentist that has completed an additional multi-year residency program following dental school, resulting in a Certificate in Orthodontics.  As a specialist in orthodontics, they are limited to treating patient's orthodontic and skeletal growth concerns.  By visiting an orthodontist, you are ensuring that your orthodontic concerns will be handled to the most stringent standards of orthodontic care.  Dr. Dragon is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).

Your orthodontic treatment is an important investment in yourself!  Make sure you are receiving your treatment from a specialist!

She can offer you any number of treatment methods that are effective in correcting your orthodontic problem.  While any of these methods can achieve your desired result, Dr. Dragon may recommend one that will best treat your specific orthodontic treatment needs:

- Traditional metal fixed brackets, with or without colors

- Ceramic (clear) fixed brackets for addressing cosmetic concerns

- Removable aligner treatment (Invisalign® & SparkTM aligners) for kids, teens, & adults

- Functional Orthodontic Appliances: appliances that can improve growth discrepancies in younger patients that are still growing in an effort to avoid future surgical intervention as adults.

- Surgical/Orthodontic treatment plans reserved for late teenage/adult patients if severe skeletal discrepancies exist that cannot be corrected by comprehensive orthodontic means.

If you have dental insurance with orthodontic coverage, you should be reimbursed according to your policy's lifetime maximum benefit.  Since each company reimburses orthodontic benefits differently, you will need to find out what your company requires from you.  Usually, we simply fill out a dental claims form when the appliances are placed to initiate the reimbursement process.  After the initial form you may be required to submit a dental claim form at a time interval determined by your company (ex. quarterly, etc.)

No.  You are welcome to contact us for an initial orthodontic evaluation if you have any concerns at all regarding your or your child's dental development.  As mentioned prior, it is recommended that children see an orthodontist for an initial evaluation at age 7 simply to determine that their growth and development are progressing normally.