Financial and Insurance


Financial and Insurance


Since there is no relationship between our office and your insurance company, payment for treatment will be arranged directly with you.  Our office is happy to assist you in any way in receiving your insurance reimbursement.  Each insurance company handles reimbursements differently, so it is important that you find out how often they would like your forms submitted.

Most individuals are eligible for a one time lifetime maximum reimbursement which is paid over the duration of treatment. 

If you have orthodontic coverage, you will receive your benefit!  It is simply a matter of how many forms your company requires you to fill out.  Remember,  insurance companies are in the business of holding your benefits as long as possible so it is important that you take an active role.  With assistance from our office, you should have very little difficulty in receiving your reimbursements in a timely manner.

Our office allows for flexible payment plans, interest free, for up to 30 months for your orthodontic treatment.  Drs. Konys and Dragon will personally review your fee and answer any questions you have regarding the financial aspect of your treatment, after your fee has been determined.  This is usually done during your treatment conference with the doctor.

Sometimes life throws us curveballs.  We simply ask that if your financial situation changes during treatment, that you contact our office to make alternate payment arrangements.  Remember....Dr. Konys and Dragon offer personalized treatment and he cares about you! 

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