Clear Aligners and Ceramic Braces

Learn About Clear Braces near Syracuse, NY

With advancements in orthodontics over the past decade, patients who want straighter smiles are no longer given just one option for treatment! At the Manlius, NY, orthodontic office of Dr. Dragon, we provide patients with treatment options that include clear aligners and tooth-colored ceramic braces.


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Clear Aligners from Invisalign® and SparkTM


Clear orthodontics is a popular choice for kids, teens, and adults who want to correct issues associated with crowded, gapped, and even tilted or twisted teeth, without having a smile full of metal. Unlike metal braces, aligners are removable and virtually invisible – no one you encounter in a social or professional environment will have to know that you have braces!

Aligners are custom-made 

trays that snap snugly over teeth to help re-position your smile. To create a precise and comfortable fit for your aligner trays, Dr. Dragon utilizes digital scans of your mouth. Dr. Dragon then uses that information, along with photos and x-rays, to develop a safe and effective aligner treatment plan.  She will review the plan with you along with a projection of what your smile can look like following aligner treatment.  Appointment frequency is significantly lower with aligners, as compared to braces, since the orthodontic planning is done by Dr. Dragon at the beginning of your treatment. Aligners are removable, so you can conveniently take out the aligners to eat and brush your teeth – no more dental picks and special floss threaders to clean around orthodontic appliances!

These clear braces make orthodontics more appealing to teen and adult patients who are concerned about their appearances and do not wish to have metal braces. Dr. Dragon is a certified Invisalign® and Spark® aligner provider to Manlius, Fayetteville, Cazenovia, and surrounding cities.

Beautiful Smiles with Natural-Looking Ceramic Braces

Another option for cosmetically-appealing treatment is ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are a hybrid between traditional orthodontics and modern materials. Instead of silver metal, the brackets used are made from tooth-colored ceramic, which blends in naturally with the color of dental enamel and does not stain with eating or drinking.

Ceramic braces from our Manlius, NY, orthodontist are an ideal solution for patients who need more extensive care with traditional orthodontia, but still want the low-profile appearance of clear braces. When you smile, you won’t display a mouth full of metal -- ceramic brackets will more naturally match the shade of dental enamel, so you can feel confident during treatment. 

Metal Braces Aren’t Your Only Option – Contact our Office for Information!

Don’t let fear of metal braces hold you back from receiving the care you need to achieve a beautiful and healthy new smile. Dr. Dragon is happy to provide patients with options for clear and tooth-colored braces in Manlius, Cazenovia, and Fayetteville, NY. For more information about clear treatment options, contact our office to schedule your consultation!

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